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What is the Cost of a Custom Window Installation in the GTA?

The Cost of a Custom Window Installation in the GTA 

A lot of times, the homes that we live in or design have windows that don’t fit the conventional size requirements found at your local hardware store. Many older homes have this issue, however, the home could often benefit from a window replacement. Homeowners can still maintain the heritage and original look of their homes by outfitting their homes with custom windows. There are companies that work with customers from concept to completion, manufacturing and providing custom window installation for old and new homes across the GTA. Unique windows can add class and character to a home. Custom window installations allow homeowners to upgrade their windows without sacrificing the unique character of their homes or changing the dimensions of the window. So, what exactly goes into the cost of a custom window installation?

Window Frames



One of the main cost considerations will be determined by the condition of the existing window frame. If it is in good enough shape and has the capability of supporting the new window, you may be able to save money on the installation. When the window frame needs replacement, the project can become a bit more expensive. A brand new window would require a new frame, sash and trims. Depending on the size and shape of your window(s), it is easy to see how expenses can start to build up. It’s best to have a professional assess the situation during your home estimate.

Cost of Materials



Often times, homeowners have elaborate visions for how they want the exterior of their homes to look. Custom windows often involve custom materials for trims and sashes. When replacing, homeowners will have to consider the cost of both interior and exterior trims. The higher quality of the materials used, the more expensive you can expect your project to be. However, getting the job done right is worth the price. Some manufactures can make a custom sash that is compatible with your old frame, which can help reduce your costs.


Energy Efficiency


If you’re considering replacing old windows or installing a custom window in your new home, be sure to install energy efficient windows for optimal performance. Double pane and triple pane panels provide added protection against the loss of air, transmission of heat and disturbances from outside noise. Custom windows are often offered in the same materials and coating options as regular windows, as well as subject to the same warranty. You should expect your custom windows to perform just as well as your standard ones.

Non-standard sizing isn’t the only reason why people choose custom windows. Custom window installations allow homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient and improve their living spaces without sacrificing the uniqueness of their homes. When choosing to go with a custom window installation in the GTA, it is important to go with a company that can bring your visions to fruition. Trust Windows will take you from concept to completion, manufacturing and installing a window that suits your specific needs. 

Contemporary Bay Window Ideas

Contemporary Bay Window Ideas 
Looking for a unique contemporary design for your bay windows?
Contact the team at Trust Windows Corp. for more information about the custom window design options we have to offer. 
Our team of specialists offer custom window installation solutions for the GTA and surrounding area.
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